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Presented by Heritage Lacrosse

Offical App of the Chapter Challenge

Tournament T-Shirts

Tournament T-shirts in various colors and sizes will be made available while supplies last at Tournament Headquarters (under the Pavilion). T-shirts feature the tournament logo and the names of participating programs. They also feature the silhouette of a “Lax Rider” on an equine beast, galloping through a fertile field of fungi in homage to the tournament venue’s location in a farming region that produces not only great lacrosse players, but over a million pounds of mushrooms a week. Kennett Square, as you may know, is known as the “Mushroom Capital of the World.”

Back Stone Blue Azalea Violet Ice Grey

Additionally, in honor and memory of the many yellow caution signs that have been part of our tournament set-up in the past but which have mysteriously disappeared at the end of a good day’s competition, we are happy to provide tournament t-swag in several bright colors to foster both situational awareness and, perhaps, a few friendly chuckles.

Lime Tangerine Sapphire Blue

Special thanks to Dan, Dennis, Jeff and April at Chroma for their support and attention to detail in helping design this year’s Chapter Challenge garb.

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