Chapter Challenge
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Presented by Heritage Lacrosse

Offical App of the Chapter Challenge

3rd Annual Youth Lacrosse


May 2-3, 2015

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Greetings All –
Thanks to all the coaches, players, parents, fans, and vendors who participated in the Chapter Challenge this past weekend. The Tournament featured 75 teams and, as hoped, the competition was balanced in most brackets (with a few exceptions) and generally consistent with our request that all participants “Honor the Game.”

Thanks, in particular, to the teams and their “Challenge Partner” sponsors who made contributions to support the work of the Philadelphia Lacrosse Association. We will leave the “Challenge Partner” registration active for another week in light of a few requests to make a donation after having a positive experience at the event.

Also, thanks to the individuals and teams who donated over 50 sticks to further the work of the HEADstring Project. The PLA will arrange to refurbish the sticks with new lime green HEADstrong mesh for future use by at-risk-youth and high school players!

Thanks also to those of you who have contacted us to let us know you and your team enjoyed the 2nd Annual Chapter Challenge. We welcome the feedback and testimonials and are always looking for opportunities to make the event even better!

Please enter any comments or feedback via this LINK. Please also check out results to see the teams that received perfect sportsmanship scores from our officials.

In any event, we will hope to see you and your teams next year in Mushroom Country!!

Scott Growney
Patrick Carney
Co-Directors, Chapter Challenge